Cat Years To Human Years Converter Tool

For the most part cats generally live a fairly long time.

The International Cat Care Organization recently published a news article show the different life cycles of a cat in human years.

Cats will generally have 6 life stages throughout there life.

If your cat exercises and maintains a healthy diet he surely might outlive you!

You can use this free cat years to human years converter tool or you can use the chart provided below.



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Cat Age Chart

Kitten : 0 – 6Months

International Cat Care

a period when the kitten grows at a fast rate.

Junior : 6Months – 2 Years

Typically cats will reach there full size during this time. They will also start to learn about life and about the world.

Prime : 3-6 Years Old

The cat will usually be very healthy and active during this time. They will be full of energy still.

Mature : 7- 10 Years Old

It is threw this time that a cat will reach its full maturity. At this stage it is comparable to being in your 40’s or 50’s in human years.

Senior :11-14 Years Old

Now your cat is almost over the hill! He is truely a senior if he reaches this point. He will move a lot slower. You will see thicker fur and possibly some grey hairs. You would to if you where in your 70’s!

Geriatric : 15 Years or Over

Despite to popular belief a lot of cats reach to be over 15 years old. If you maintain a healthy diet for your cat.  One of the oldest cats in the world was named “Creme Puff”. He was 38 years and 3 days old. She was the oldest cat ever to be recorded in history.

You can always use the free cat years to human years converter tool provided above for a quick answer!