How to Pick the Best Cat Climber For your Cat

A majority of my shopping for the most part is usually done online nowadays. For one, I mean it’s super convenient. Who wants to leave there house when they don’t have to?  Nowadays, with Amazon Prime you can literally order stuff today, and get it practically delivered next day for free.

What types of Material are good for a cat tree?

You can almost use anything for a cat climber. Common things found in cat climbing trees are wood, cardboard, cloth, carpet,hammocks,cat scratching posts, string, yawn, sisal rope. For the most part you can use just about anything. The cat mainly likes it to be sturdy! A great part about building your own is that  you can literally incorporate just about anything into your cat tree. Usually people try to put a hammock, a cat house, high lookout post, sisal rope and like a cat scratcher. To be honest though you can really put just about anything you want into your cat tree. Just if you do make your own please feel free to share it with me. 🙂

If I build my own how much should I expect to spend if i make my own?

That really depends on  how much stuff you have to buy, and how big you want to get. A couple years back I put a nice huge cat climber out of complete wood. Worked great. Was awful heavy though. Didn’t move that around much, for obvious reasons.

Is there anything else I should buy for my cat?

I would also consider purchasing a separate cat scratcher. Having a variety of options for your cat is the best route.

Is it cheaper to just buy one?

To be honest, its about the same price. When you make your own you have the advantage of customizing it to your liking, and your cats.

What size cat climber should I get for my cat?

You need to make sure you are getting a cat climber that is big enough for you cat. You don’t want to get something too small or obviously too big.

Can I make my own cat climber? 

Of course, you can make your own cat climbing tree. I will go over a few ways to make your own at the end of the article!


One of the reasons I used to never order stuff online for the longest time was because of shipping fees and waiting to get the item. I mean who wants to wait 3 or 4 days after you just bought the best cat climber? I can’t blame you.

Recently, we had a screened in porch put on the back of our house. I went threw the strenuous process of trying to find the best cat climber for my cats.I literally went threw probable like 20 pages of items, and just really couldn’t decide. There were so many options available.

Therefore, I’ve went and done the nitty gritty to make it quick and easy for you to decide which is the best cat climber for you cat!

Best Cat Climber

Go Pet Club Huge 87.5in Cat Tree Condo

 Go Pet Club Huge 87.5in Cat Tree Condo

This specially designed Go Pet Club cat tree features three large and two medium size condos, for your cat’s enjoyment.

  • Highlights include: 2 Large Tunnels, Platforms, and ladders
  • Lots of platforms to give the cats tons of room to play and lounge
  • You can change middle platform to turn into a swing! Which is awesome!
  • Natural Sisal rope, provides a great place to give your cat somewhere to scratch

This product will provide your cat with endless hours of fun!

Price: $227.99 Prime Eligible


Model Number: F216

Colors Available: Brown and Beige

Amazon.Com Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Dimensions: 42″L x 23.5″W x 87.5″H                                                       

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Review:  All around best bang for your buck. I really like how this cat tree climber has multiple platforms for cat activity. My cat loves peering out into the distance from different elevations. The cat tower on the top is great for any cat to pier out  into the distance.  The thing I love about this cat climber is all the places the cat has to play! My cat leaves my furniture alone now!

One of the things I wanted to make sure of before purchasing any cat tree was that it was sturdy. My cats loved to climb back and forth between the platforms.

As I said my cat loves to be on the top platforms, so this  knew whatever cat tree I got had to be able to provide this. Go Pet’s Cat tree went above and beyond my expectations. I will most definitely continue to purchase there products in the future.  This this is even suitable for the largest of cats. Another thing I like about this cat tree is the fact it is big enough to put a cat bed into it. You can really get creative because you have so much space. You can truly make it a space for your cat. You can get a variety of cat toys and put them all around the cat tree ti make it super persuasive.

It only takes about an hour to assemble, which is a huge plus.

The best part is you have the option to swap out some of the toys for different ones.




Furhaven Tiger Tough Cat Tree

Best Cat Climber

Furhaven Tiger Tough Cat Tree

The FurHaven Tiger Tough Deluxe Cat Playground is a multilevel cat tree tower complete with cat house condo to let you cat relax in comfort.

  • The Cat-IQ Busy Box comes with 2 plastic balls for endless hours of enjoyment.
  • The Natural Sisal scratching post gives plenty of opportunity for the cat to stretch!
  • Variety of platforms for your cat to play on.
  • Padding to soft on your cats feet.

Dangling puff ball and rope toy are great for grabbing and catching.

 Can be assembled in a matter of minutes.

Price: $57.20 Prime Eligible


Model Number: 96500

Colors: Cream, Blue, Gray, Brown, Silver

Amazon.Com Rating: 4.2 stars out of 5

Dimensions: 27.5″L x  16 “W x 55″H

Fur Haven Tiger Tough Cat Tree Review:  One of the hardest parts about getting a cat tree is will it fit in? I mean I didn’t want to get this big bulky thing that stood out in the room. Fur Haven Tiger Cat Tree goes above and beyond by offering a varity of colors and options to pick from. Price is absolutely outstanding! You get plenty of things for your cat to do, and for a great price. If your on a budget and trying to get few different options this is surely a great buy.  My cat loves the placement of the top outlook tower. It’s really easy for any cat to get up to it. I have a couple of cat tree’s and my one cat has an issue climbing to the top of it. How they place the top platform allows him to easily jump up. That’s a big thing too because most cats enjoy being high up.

This is one thing to consider when you are purchasing a cat tree. You want to make sure it is going to be right for your cat. Make your thinking about him when you are buying it.

One of the things I really like about the Furhaven cat climber tree is that it’s SUPER Easy to Clean. I mean come on who likes cleaning? If you can get something that is going to be easier for you, that’s a win-win. This cat tree even comes with scratching posts at the bottom of each leg, which your furniture will love you for.

This is also super easy to assemble, so even your grandmother could put it together for you! However, I’m not sure if I would ask her to put it together for you.




Furhaven Tiger Tough Cat Tree w multiple platforms

Best Cat Climber

Furhaven Tiger Tough Cat Tree w multiple platforms

Your cat will love the FurHaven Tiger Tough Skyscraper Playground cat tree!

This cat tree is perfect fit for your cat. It will surely make your kitty love you for ages!

There is an adjustable spring at the top which braces it to your ceiling which makes this cat furniture secure and tip-free.

The skyscraper playground also comes with the following:

  • cat condo
  • cat shelves in different shapes and sizes
  • soft bowl hammock cat bed
  • sisal robe
  • sisal rope-covered scratching posts
  • springy-wand ball cat toys
  • hanging sisal rope
  • mouse toys

Price: $80.99 Prime Eligible


Model Number: 97403

Colors: Blue, Cream, brown, Gray, White

Amazon.Com Rating: 4.2 stars out of 5

Dimensions: 26.8” x 17.3” x 100″-113”

Furhaven Tiger Tough Cat Tree Review: If I was a cat, this would be the cat tree I would want. It has tons of places to play for the cat. It is literally like a playground for cats. Since it has so many platforms it gives the cats the ability to overlook there surroundings from multiple angles. Even if you already have a cat tree, this can go well in just about any corner or even a back porch. I personally have one of these situated in the opposite corner of another cat tree on my back porch. They love this.

It has scratching posts on the legs, so your cat will stay away from your furniture! The cat hammock is great. My cats love to sleep in the cat hammock.

One of the best parts about this one is it has a spring ball. My cats will sit for hours playing with this thing.

Very easy to assemble. If you have ample space this is definitely a solid pick up for your kitties! Very tall if that’s what you where looking for. My cats love to climb from one platform to another.





Ollieroo 60″ H Cat Tree Climber

Best Cat Climber

Ollieroo 60″ H Cat Tree Climber

This is by far one of my personal favorites. The ollieroo cat tree climber has just about everything your cat could possible want all packed into one location! I personally have one of these for my kitties and they absolutely love it. The height is just about perfect for any room. Has multiple colors so it will fit in just about any room. The best part is it has tons of activities to keep the cats entertained for hours!

Price: ON SALE: $82.99        Normal Price: $179.99         Prime Eligible!!


Model Number: PE15801

Colors: Biege, Navy Blue, Brown, Beige + brown (This is the one I personally Own)

Amazon.Com Rating: 4.4 stars out of 5

Dimensions: 60″ H x 25″ L x 20″ W

Ollieroo Cat Tree Climber Review: All around love this. Gives my cats multiple platforms to peer out on. Nice little hammock for him to sleep after hes worn out. I have this out on my back porch so the little house is great for when its a chilly morning. He loves to sit in the little house and watch nature.

This is very sturdy and put together very well. I highly recommend this cat climber if you need one. It is by far my personal favorite! I got the 2 color one! Looks amazing!! It is fairly easy to assemble. Took me roughly 20-25minutes. I highly suggest purchasing a small cat bed to put near the cat tree.

Has 3 scratching posts at the base, which I love because now my cats leave my furniture alone! Everything comes in CM, so you have to convert to inches(if your in the USA).



Best Cat Climber

Merax Cat Activity Tree Cat Tower

 Merax Cat Activity Tree Cat Tower  

This cat tower is a little different than the other ones.

  • Completely Safe for Cats!
  • Very well made
  • High Observation Platform, cats climb!
  • Sisal Ropes
  • Play Houses
  • Ramps gives cats lots of places to play!

Price: $82.99 Free Shipping


Model Number: 0063668

Colors: 8 different types and colors!

Amazon.Com Rating: 4.2 stars out of 5

Dimensions: 23.6”L X 20”W X 68.5’H

Merax Cat Tree Review: I love how merax gives you a variety of options when it comes to cat houses. One of the cat condos is bigger then the other. Some cats tend to be picky and prefer some places more than others. So this lets them pick the best spot. It also has multiple different platforms, which are set at a different heights. This gives the cats tons of opportunity to play. One of the most important things I always look for in a cat tree is the “high observation platform”. My cat absolutely loves being up high like this. He will just peer out in nature for hours when he can get high up like this. The thing I like about this cat tree versus the others is that it has tons of scratching posts. There should be absolutely no reason your kitty scratches your furniture after you purchase this for him. 🙂

Amazingly easy to install. Roughly takes about an hour to get everything setup. To be honest think it took me longer to get everything out of the box then it did to put it together.

This also comes in a variety of colors and designs so it can fit in just about any environment!


How can I create my very own Cat Climbing Tree?

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