Which Cat Door Works Best For You?

Now many options do exist for car doors. The type of cat door you purchase will truly depend on your needs and your cats. When purchasing a cat door definitely keep your cat in mind.

The Kitty Pass Interior Cat Door

Cat Door

The Kitty Pass Interior Cat Door For Cats Up to 21lbs – Made in the USA

Don’t let your cats litter box take over your home, with The Kitty Pass you can safely put your cats litter box behind closed doors, while allowing them access to it any time they need.

The Kitty Pass is designed to fit all standard door sizes from 1 1/4″ to 1 3/4″ thick. It also comes already finished, but can easily be painted to match your homes decor. Easy install takes about 15-25 minutes.

Cat Door

Easy to Cut Template

Comes complete with install directions and a template for cutting the door perfectly.

The Kitty Pass is manufactured and assembled right here in the United States. Made in USA – Patent Pending*

PriceON SALE: $41.96  Normal Price: $64.96    Prime Eligible.

Kitty Pass Interior Cat Door Review: It is MADE IN THE USA! I personally always love supporting products that are made in the United States. Not to mention this is a great product. They give you an easy template to make cutting the door hole very easy. Almost anyone can do this. It is actually kinda inconspicuous. It’s not like those other cat doors that are kinda big and bulky.

Not really good for large cats. Other than that great! No flap or any way to use it as exterior.

Cat Mate Large Cat Door

Cat Door

Cat Mate Large Cat Door White

With a cut out size of 8¼” x 9″ and an overall size of 9¼” x 10″, this product has been specially developed for the largest cats or small dogs such as Yorkshire Terriers, Pekinese, Dachshund, Miniature Poodles and Spaniels up to a shoulder height of 13″.

The Cat Mate Large 4-way Cat Flap is self-lining to 2″ thick and a template has been provided to aid easy DIY installation in all doors, panels and walls.

Cat Door


The 4 way lock on the flap can be set to open, in only, out only or fully locked, making it easy to keep your pets in or out. To ensure that neither the pets nor the owner will be disturbed, the Cat Mate Large 4-way Cat Flap is fitted with a rainproof external frame seal and features a draft and weatherproof seal with magnetic closure.

The Cat Mate Large 4-Way Cat Flap has a three year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Price: $26.94  Prime Eligible

Color: White

Cat Mate Cat Door Review: Cost effective cat door. Has locking feature to keep unwanted guests. Also has an inner liner to help prevent energy loss. Overall, this is a pretty decent cat door if you looking for something simple, and is able to lock. This also comes with a cutout to help you get the door into the right place to cut.

Ideal Pet Products Ruff-Weather Pet Door

Cat Door

Ideal Pet Products Ruff-Weather Pet Door with Telescoping Frame

Cat Door


Whether you live and work in the Great Plains or North where the temperature plummets, or in the South- east or West where Summer is endless, the cost of energy has sky rocketed. So, either heating or cooling the back yard with an old fashioned pet door just won’t do anymore. In some cases the energy waste is like opening and closing the door itself 4 or 5 times a day. Ideal Pet has the answer with The Ruff-Weather Door’s air pocket between 2 soft flaps, making it a great energy efficient insulator. The Ruff-Weather series in Small, Medium, Extra Large and Super Large are designed to give an air pocket of up to 3 inches between the 2 flaps in a door installation. And with the available wall tunnel kit, an air pocket of up to 9 inches. This is serious energy efficiency

Price: $83.19     Prime eligible

Ideal Pet Cat Door Review: Very durable. Made out of structured foam.  Can be used for dogs and cats. Installs very easy. Very Energy efficient! Can be used within a wall or a door! Makes it perfect for almost area area of the house!

Little pricey, but if you need something that is energy efficient, and durable this is your product!

PetSafe Wall Entry Aluminum Pet Door

Cat Door

PetSafe Plastic Pet Door With Soft Tinted Flap

Cat Door

PetSafe Plastic Pet Door With Soft Tinted Flap

The PetSafe Wall Entry Pet Door allows you to install your new pet door into an interior or exterior wall instead of a people door. Its telescoping tunnel allows you to adjust your pet door to fit walls of different widths.

The Wall EntryPet Door includes a slide-in closing panel for additional pet access control. Use the slide-in closing panel to prevent your dog from using the pet door, to keep strays out of your home or for additional weather resistance.

Detailed instructions and cutting template allow for easy installation into interior or exterior walls.

Price$109.95    Prime Eligible.

Petsafe Wall Entry Pet Door Review: Great if you have a larger pet and looking for something very durable. Has very easy instructions to making installing a breeze. Solid Aluminum to make it last a long time. It has a tunnel feature which allows this to be installed in a door or even a wall.

Solid product.

PetSafe Plastic Pet Door

cat door

PetSafe Plastic Pet Door With Soft Tinted Flap

cat door


The PetSafe Plastic Pet Door gives your pet freedom to enter and exit your home without having to open the door for him. It also offers a paint able frame to match any home decor.

The Plastic Pet Door includes a durable, snap-on closing panel. Use the snap-on closing panel to keep your pet from using the door, to keep strays out of your home or for additional weather resistance.

This door includes a detailed cutting template and instructions for easy installation into people doors. With the PetSafe Plastic Pet Door, your pet will love the freedom, and you will love the convenience.

Price: $34.95  Prime Eligible

Petsafe Plastic Pet Door Review: Has Magnetic flap on bottom to help keep the door closed. Made out of plastic so it is fairly durable. Also it is paint-able, which is a super plus. They also sell, Large and Extra-Large for bigger pets.

Great price & product!