How to make homemade cat food?

Most of the time, the food your lovely cat is eating has been manufactured & produced by some hi-fi Multi National company.

One can also consider the exuberant fact that you can also make yummy cat food for your kitty.

It’s not rocket science, you can surprise your kitty with a wonderful treat at your home.

Cats are very sensitive creatures, you are required to be immensely carefully while you’re handling a cat.

Preparing the food for your cat can be an engaging task, you must remain bit conscious with the ingredients.

Cats are choosy tastes, there are various ingredients which cats don’t like & it can also cause problems for them. Let’s take a funny example, a mouse covered in chocolate is not preferable for a cat. Chocolate has the tendency to aggravate the stomach of these lovely creatures, it can cause stomach imbalance too.

So, a chocolate is definitely a no-no for your kitty. Other ingredients which you mustn’t bring near your car are Onions, Grapes, Raw eggs, Garlic, tomatoes and more.

If you’re preparing the food at home, make sure that these items don’t fall on the platter at any cost. Let’s discuss the other fact about cats, humans are vegetarians by nature, but your cat isn’t. According to a study, a cat needs around 70% to 80% meat in their diet, the carnivorous demand surely needs to be mean. Meat is enriched with mineral rich content like Taurine, lysine, amino acids and more.


Essential ingredients for a perfect cat food:

Animal protein is the basis of the cats diet, it is recommended that the natural cat protein must come from the chicken meat or any other poultry produce. Our cats aren’t blessed to produce vitamins of their own, you must feed the cat with vitamin timely & ensure the quality.

Calcium & phosphorus forms a significant part of a cats diet. These two are added in ratios, the calcium & phosphorus are added in 1 part to 1.3 part respectively.

Water, no living being on earth can exist without this natural resource given to us by mother nature. Your cat needs significant water too, around 30% of the cats weight is due to water in the body. You must ensure ample availability of the same at any cost.

Let’s talk about the top food recipe for your cat:

  • A basic cat food must have the ¼ teaspoon of salmon oil, around 2.7 grams of mineral supplement.
  • Ensure to add 30 grams of potato, kindly peel of the skin at first. Carbohydrates form a vital part of the cats diet
  • You can also add cooked pasta, oatmeal, peas and more.
  • The other variables can be the delicious Tuna Patties, add 1 can of tuna to the ½ cup of boiled rice.
  • Then add around a ¼ cup of pure liver supplement, some chopped parsley can also be added.
  • You can also add meat as per your cats diet, ensure a good diet plan for your kitty.