Don’t Let Your Kitty Get Too Hot!!

Cats adore lying in the sun.

Symptoms of heatstroke can include increased heartbeat, lethargy, respiratory issues, increased internal temperature and panting, but not one of these symptoms might be present so it’s really worth thinking preventative and helping kitten stay cool. You want to make sure you keep your cat healthy and fit.

First thing to do is make sure they’re well hydrated. Cats lose heat by panting, which also expels moisture, so make sure thy have plenty of clean drinking water. It could likewise help to sometimes put an ice cube in, not merely does it keep the water cooler but cats will frequently play with it, keeping them watered, cool and amused. Next, ensure their surroundings has some shade to sit down in and ventilation.

Eventually, in case you think your cat might be suffering from heatstroke try and keep them cool and call the vet immediately for additional advice!!

Some tips to keep your cat hydrated:

  • Switch a wet food if it really hot.
  • Ice Cubes in Water Bowl
  • Serve smaller meals, but more often
  • Obviously, keep water in the bowl