Common Bad Cat Behavior and How to Stop It


Getting a cat is not all fun and games, for they can rekt havoc on you with some very bad cat behavior. Not to mention these little bundles of joys have needs and they depend entirely on you to fulfill them. These include the provision of food, water and a safe and loving home. Even after you’ve got these handled, you’ll find that along the road, you’ll still be faced with problems. Just like children, a cat might need a little pointing in the direction when they start behaving inappropriately.

Dealing with health-related issues are easier. If your cat is injured or feeling a little under the weather, then a trip to the vet can solve the problem. But what are you supposed to do if the issue is the behavior of the cat?

Listed below are some of the common behavioral problems demonstrated by cats, and also how to fix them.

1. Litter box

The most common problem is when your cat decides to make your house her restroom, instead of using the litter box.

To stop your cat from doing this, it might be a good idea to figure out the reason behind this behavior.

She might be avoiding the litter box due to a number of health conditions, including urinary tract infection, bladder stones and crystals in the urine. Besides this, your cat will be less inclined to use a litter box that she has to share with other cats or one that isn’t clean.

Ensure the litter box is clean by emptying it at least once every day.

2. Scratching

Is your kitty scratching up your furniture? Whether it’s a new habit she has acquired or has been going on since you got her, either way, you probably want to put a stop to it.

Cats scratch for several reasons, such as wanting to use up some of their energy or to get rid of chipped claws. To put a stop to her ruining your furniture, get your cat a scratching post and cover it with some catnip to attract your cat.

Pretty soon she will leave your furniture alone. Additionally, you can also clip her nails, or get a vet to do it.

3. Aggression

Whether it is aggression between two cats or aggressive behavior towards you and other people, cat fights can get rough. The important thing to remember is to never end a cat fight with your hands, as you might end up scratched.

Spray them water or distract them with a loud noise.

The aggression might be due to agitation, distress or pain your cat might be in. Eliminate these things to put your cat back in a good mood.

4. Overly active at night

Cats are, by nature, nocturnal creatures. You probably don’t take too kindly to being woken up at odd hours at night or early in the morning, just because your cat can’t sleep.

To avoid this, make sure your cat is tired and willing to sleep at night. To do this, play with your cat just before bedtime.

Also, cats tend to sleep after a meal, so feed her the main meal at night. So plan accordingly, pamper your cat up with some of the best cat food available.

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