Can My Cat Get Bird Flu?

Can my Cat Get Bird Flu?

The simple answer is Yes?

What is the bird flu?

The avian influenza, commonly called the bird flu. It is a flu virus that occurs naturally among birds. Wild birds can carry the virus, but not even get sick from the virus. The common problem with the bird flu is that there are many variations of the flu. This is a common problem with lots of viruses, in which they like to mutate and change.

How can it affect my cat?

If your cat is an indoor cat, you do not have much to worry about. If your cat is an outdoor cat you have to take into consideration cats love to prowl on birds. They could possible snag an infected bird and ingest it. Not only could a cat get infect by ingesting a bird, they can get infected through feces, urine, nasal discharge and other nasty ways.

Can I catch the Bird Flu from my cat?

So far the answer is No. However, in December of 2016 New York City Health Officials announced that at the end of last year a veterinarian was in close contact with some sick cats that had a rare form of the bird flu. It has not been confirmed that veterinarian has contracted the bird flu from the cats, which is still being tested.

How can I tell if I cat has been infected?

Cats that have been infected usually develop a fever, difficulty breathing, nasal discharge(might be pink or reddish), loss of appetite, change in behavior, and signs of depression.