5 Great Reasons To have your cat sprayed or neutered!

On  a daily basis cat owners decide to get there cat sprayed or neutered. There are many good reasons of which why this is a great idea. A lot of bad behavior really can be eliminated by getting your pet neutered or sprayed. You have to remember, even though your cat is domesticated it still has that wild instinct.

So with out further ado here is the best reasons to get your pet sprayed or neutered.

cat sprayed or neutered

Few Reasons


One of the common problems people have with female cats is that they will go into heat multiple times a year. When this happens, they will start adopting unwanted behavior such as spraying, howling and even ruining your belongings!

A single female cat can produce over three litters each year, and she can have anywhere between 1-6 kittens. So on average she can over over 18 kittens each year. You can see how this could get out of hand quite quickly.

Male cats will tend to try to get out and roam as much as possible, and spray everything they can to leave there “scent”. They also feel the urge to try to mark there territory to try to deter any other male cats from coming into there domain.


The most obvious reason for getting your pet sprayed or neutered is the sheer fact there are way too many pets than families. Millions of pets each year are euthanized. Estimates say that over 90% of these animals were suitable for homes, but were unable to find them.


By not spraying or getting your pet neutered you also risk your pet catching a disease or getting infected for other feral population. Feral cats tend to carry diseases, tapeworms, and other nasty things we’d rather not discuss. By spraying and neutering your pet you will help attract less feral animals and promote better cat habits.

Female cats that are sprayed before there first heat have much reduced risk of getting mammary cancer, which is a type of uterine condition. Not to mention a female cat who gets pregnant at a old age can risk pregnancy problems which can be fatal to her or her kittens.